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Second five new energy equipments are expected to achieve self-reliance
It is understood, according to the power second Five Year Plan, 2015, North, East, Central UHV grid will form a three vertical and three horizontal network structure, completion of Jinping, Jiangsu, Xiluodu, Zhejiang, Hamilton, Henan, Ning Dong, Zhejiang and other AC and DC transmission project, the western, northern base of power sent to the large energy north, east, central load center. Completion of the Qinghai-Tibet DC Interconnection Project, Tibet and the Northwest power grid power grids to meet the power requirements of Tibet.

Ouyang Changyu that the next few years, the electric power industry will particularly focus on industry innovation and development to second-generation technology with independent intellectual property rights and other Canadian nuclear technology will be more room for development. Based on power, second five content, technological innovation will strengthen our future capacity building efforts to promote the power equipment industry, technology upgrading. To this end, the relevant departments will focus on the introduction of incentives and other equipment to promote the competitiveness of the industry's overall increase.